The Safety Pouch

Founder: David Price

When David Price got his license at 16, he, like most teens, was excited. However, after he finished celebrating, his parents sat him down at the kitchen table to have “the talk” before gifting him with his new car.

This conversation isn’t unusual. For many Black youths, preparation for driving comes in multiple steps, the first being run of the mill safe driving tips, the second, distressing instructions about the dangers of driving while Black. Price told Because of Them We Can this talk sparked the idea for The Safety Pouch, a storage device that aims to make interactions between civilians and police safer and more efficient.

The Safety Pouch, owned by David Price, stores all driving credentials in one place. During traffic stops, it minimizes movement, allows more visibility inside the vehicle, and gives drivers the option to keep their hands on the steering wheel. Use of this product reduces the possibility of misunderstandings between drivers and police, which often lead to unnecessary violence, shootings, and even deaths. The idea came to David as a teenager after he was given “The talk” about how to stay safe in a society that disproportionately discriminates against young Black males.

Meredith will help this company develop a comprehensive strategic plan focusing on maximizing brand awareness. “Being a part of Good Impressions will be life-changing,” said Price. “Through Meredith’s guidance, mentorship and services, I am sure it will help us rapidly scale our brand and help us continue our work creating safer and more equitable interactions with law enforcement.”