Modi Toys

Founder: Avani Sarkar

Our ‘modi operandi’ – if you will – is as simple as our toys. Admittedly, no single product can bridge the paradoxical gap between wanting to assimilate with the American lifetstyle, yet still retaining our culture.

But we can certainly try.

We want to create a (modi)fied version of what you and your kids already know and love. By introducing these toys at an early age, we hope to spark curiosity about their culture. The gift of knowledge may last a day, but the gift of wonder lasts forever.

The mission of Modi Toys, based in Edison, NJ, and owned by siblings Avani Modi Sarkar and Viral Modi, is to spark curiosity about the Indian culture by putting meaningful toys, games and books in the hands of children around the world. Their business idea was inspired by their own children, in hopes of creating the type of toys and books that reflect their South Asian roots and Hindu faith. Each of the plush toys plays mantras respective to specific deities, sung by Indian artists. Select toys can be personalized with children’s names in any language.

Dotdash Meredith assisted Modi Toys with marketing consultation, data analytics, and exposure.

“Growing up in America, my brother and I always felt connected to our South Asian heritage. After becoming parents however, we realized we lacked the resources to cultivate the same sense of connection for our own children,” said Sarkar. “We searched for toys that reflected our roots, but we couldn’t find anything that reflected diversity in faith. We designed our products as part of a broader movement to make playrooms more inclusive and celebrate individuality and otherness. We are so grateful to the Meredith team for creating this initiative and taking proactive steps to help minority owned small businesses make not just a good impression — but a lasting one.”